Friday, October 5, 2012

October Unprocessed {Day Five}

The number of fingers on one hand.
The number of days in a work week.
The number of days I've been eating {unprocessed} foods.

How am I liking it? I love it. I don't get tired, I get exhausted- mentally drained- but not physically tired. No yawning, hunger pains... or acne. Yes my face is already more clear. Maybe its due to my lack of constant snacking on jelly beans, or chocolate bars at work. Or how about that {David Rio Tiger Spiced Chai Tea} that I love so much. Yes I'm a chai snob. Yes I miss my teas, but I don't miss my random pimples or spending excess money on little things like that.

I am learning to have a greater appreciation for food. I feel like I keep repeating that but it's so true. I take pride in what I take to lunch with me everyday and being able to say "no" to candy bars & tea- both of which I have been offered today. I love the criticism cause deep down I know I'm doing the right thing.

Last night for dinner we had Thai Peanut Pasta off the 100 days of Real Food website. I don't normally cook things that aren't traditional, but this recipe sounded yummy and I had some extra basil/cucumbers I needed to use up :) I told my hubby what we were having for dinner while getting groceries at the store & he responded questionably "what is.. what?! What are we having?!" && If that wasn't enough to crack me up, he examined it a little bit before taking a bite. I promise this isn't foreign food, we just don't normally eat this... healthy.

I loved the pasta. Ate all of my dinner and then some. Baby Bella wasn't too fond of dinner but she hardly ever is & Ryan... he at it like a good husband would & didn't take seconds ;) The soy sauce, peanut butter, basil, sesame oil and few other ingredients were a little much for him. He still liked it but I don't think it was his favorite. Unfortunately our family is used to mexican food with tons of cheese and meat or the occasional frozen pizza for dinner. We do eat Elk burger when it's available & process it ourselves. I {LOVE} elk. -- but that's about as "foreign' as we get with food. It's all new to me too, not just my family- but I liked dinner last night because I've been eating {real} foods for the past almost week now & my palate is slowly starting to change.

Here's what I had for Breakfast/Lunch today: && yes I {am} proud of it :)
  • Scrambled eggs & spinach topped with cheese & a side of organic ketchup
  • A Plum
  • A powerball
  • Zucchini Bread Muffin
  • Orange Juice in the container
  • && last but not least my homemade pita bread with spinach, kale/walnut pesto & cheese.

Believe it or not I don't go hungry at all during the day. Each section is the perfect portion size & although I may not eat enough veggies, I throw spinach into everything I can think of to get a little green in me.

Have you or your family done anything different to your diet?!


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